Posting of Workers

Posting of Workers

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Obligations of Employers Seconding Staff to Greece

  • The time limit for secondment of an employee is 12 months and can be extended up to 18 months after a reasoned notification to the Labor Inspectorate before the expiration of the 12 months (see Long-term secondment below).
  • The employer who posts employees to the territory of Greece is obliged:

To submit, at the latest at the start of the provision of services and regardless of its duration, to the competent Department of the Labor Relations Inspection of the place of provision of services, the following documents, drawn up in the Greek language:

a) a written statement, which will include the following information:

aa) the name or brand name and legal form of the service provider, headquarters, address, contact telephone number, e-mail address and Tax Registry Number or other registration number in a relevant Registry,

ab) the identification details (name, surname, date of birth, home address, work address, contact phone number, email address) of the company representative in Greece during the provision of the services, who will also act as a liaison with the competent authorities and if required, will send and receive the relevant documents,

ag) the address or addresses of the places where the seconded workers will provide their work, as well as the name or trade name and the legal form, headquarters, address, Tax Registry number of the company or companies, in which the posted workers will provide their work,

ad) the start date of the provision of the services and the secondment of the workers, as well as their possible duration, and

ae) the nature of the practiced activity of the enterprise in which the work is provided.

b) Statement of seconded workers, in two (2) copies, in which the name, surname, identity card or passport number and country of issue, date of birth, gender and specialty will be written for each of them.

One copy of the above statements will be posted, by the companies, in a visible place at the workplace, while the other will remain in the file of the competent services of the Labor Inspectorate.

  • In the event of a change in the data, the employer is obliged to submit a supplementary statement with the new data within 15 days of the occurrence of the change.
  • The employer must keep, during the secondment at the place of employment, (or at the operational base in the case of drivers), copies in paper or electronic form: a) of the individual employment contract or equivalent document, b) of the payslips, c) attendance time sheets showing the start, end and duration of the daily working time and d) proof of payment of wages or equivalent documents.
  • The employer must keep the above documents for up to 2 years after the end of the secondment and send them to the competent Services of the Labor Inspection, within 15 days from the date of receipt of the relevant application in Greek or English. According to the above, the submission, observance and sending of the prescribed documents can be carried out by the companies and by electronic means.
  • The employer who posts employees to the territory of Greece for a period of up to 12 months, must apply the working conditions that apply to the posting of workers.
  • For workers with the specialty of driver, the obligations for the declaration of the secondment before taking up employment in Greece apply to IMI in accordance with the provisions of Ministerial Decision N. Φ451/10787/8-4-2022, Official Gazette 1765/Β΄/12-04-2022.
  • In the event that the secondment period exceeds 12 months, the employer is also required to apply the working conditions applicable to the long-term secondment of employees (see below: Long-term secondment).
  • The service provider established in the territory of Greece must provide any information or data requested by the competent authorities regarding the posting of its employees to another EU member state.
  • Any unfavorable treatment of the seconded worker, who exercises the right of judicial protection and recourse to the competent administrative authorities against the employer for violation of working conditions, is prohibited.
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