Undeclared Work

Undeclared Work

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European Platform Tackling Undeclared Work


The European Platform Tackling Undeclared Work was set up in 2016 with the EU Decision 2016/344, with the main goal to enhance cooperation between Member States in the fight against this severe socioeconomic problem.

Undeclared work affects all Member States and thus, the transformation of undeclared work into formal work is an important policy objective in the context of the European Employment Strategy, contributing to a fairer European labour market and to the delivery of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

The Platform works towards this goal by bringing together relevant authorities and actors involved in fighting undeclared work (including social partners and Member States’ enforcement bodies) and allows them to learn from each other and engage in closer cross-border cooperation, and thus helping them to tackle the issue more effectively and efficiently, while fully respecting national competences and procedures.

For more information about the Platform, visit the official website.

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