The Hellenic Labor Inspectorate is responsible for:

  • Supervising and controlling the implementation of the provisions of the Labour Law.
  • Verifying both the insurance coverage and employment report .
  • Bridging the employees’ s differences
  • Providing information to employees and employers regarding the Labour provisions.

In particular, Hellenic Labor Inspectorate’s work domains are:

  • Supervises at any time of day or night, businesses and operations for the implementation of:
    • The provisions of labor law relating mostly to working conditions, working time limits, payment or other benefits, the safety and health at work, the special working conditions of vulnerable socially groups (such as minors, young people , pregnant or lactating women, people with disabilities), as well as special categories of workers,
    • the terms of any kind of Collective Labor Agreements,
    • the provisions of the insurance legislation relating to the insurance coverage of employees, undeclared work and illegal employment,
    • the provisions on the legality of the employment of working third-country nationals and
    • the legislation of the Principle of Equal Treatment in Employment.
  • Investigates, finds out and prosecutes, in accordance with the existing provisions, in parallel and independently of other Authorities and Organizations, the violators of the provisions of the labor Law.
  • Investigates the causes and conditions of fatal accidents at work and occupational diseases, proposes measures for their prevention, prepares relevant reports highlighting the relevant violations of labor Law and those related to the safety and health of workers in order to avoid their recurrence and file a lawsuit.
  • Examines every complaint and request submitted to it and intervenes directly in the workplace.
  • Controls the implementation of the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of :
    • Both men and women at work and the observance of maternity protection provisions,
    • regardless of racial or ethnic origin, religion or other beliefs, disability, age or sexual orientation
  • Collaborates and exchanges data and information with the relevant services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, social partner organizations, scientists in the field of labor, as well as related services abroad.
  • Advises, upon request, employees and employers for conducting collective bargaining and resolving collective and individual labor disputes.
  • Supports employers and employees by providing information and advice to them on the most effective measures to observe the provisions.
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