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Limits on working time


Employees have the right:

  • To be employed in a liable undertaking for a maximum of forty (40) hours per week, distributed either over five (5) days, with a daily working hour of eight (8) hours, or over six (6) days, with a daily working hour of six (6) hours and forty (40) minutes.
  • To take a weekly rest of at least twenty-four (24) consecutive hours.
  • To take a daily rest of at least eleven (11) consecutive hours.
  • To take a break of at least fifteen (15) and a maximum of thirty (30) minutes, if their daily working time exceeds four (4) hours.
  • To take an intermediate rest of at least three (3) hours, as long as they are employed full-time, but intermittently.

Employees who are employed on a Sunday are, upon permission by the Labour Inspectorate, entitled:

  • To take a supplementary weekly rest lasting twenty-four (24) hours on another working day of the immediately following week, if they work on a Sunday beyond five (5) hours.
  • To request an equal period of rest on another working day, as long as their employment on a Sunday does not exceed five (5) hours.

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