The DIONE Project

The DIONE Project “Dismissal & unfavourable treatment of women in Greek workplace: adopting an integrated and systemic approach of intervention” 

The project aims to address challenges associated with the dismissal of women during and after pregnancy, as well as their unfavourable treatment due to parental leave. Through the development of an online information platform, the project aims to support not only women who have been victims of discriminatory approach, but also competent public authorities and other labour market actors.

Who is the project aimed at in Greece?

  1. Women who need valid information about the legislation that protects them from any violation or attempt to violate their rights due to motherhood or pregnancy in the workplace.
  2. Working parents who need personalized support to determine if they have been the victim of discrimination.
  3. Public authorities and professionals, or human resources employment organizations, who might need a functional tool for their work.
  4. Private entities, employers, human resources executives, career counselors, start-ups, etc. who need targeted information and guidance to act in accordance with the legal framework relating to the protection of pregnancy and maternity.

DIONE embraces an integrated ICT’-based and systemic approach my involving a interdisciplinary consortium of partners that will work towards common solutions in a social legal and political context that is characterized by uncertainty and liquidity.

The online platform DIONE seeks to act as an information and support hub for all interested parties.

Also, the guide Maternity and employment: A guide to one’s rights was developed in order to empower working women – current and expectant mothers – by providing information and guidelines regarding their employment rights and dealing with cases of dismissal or discrimination.


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